Programs & Projects

In this the second quarter of 2010, we are working to establish the definitions for our Programs and how Projects will fit into that. For 2010, our PROGRAMS are as below. Please check back to this website in December 2010 for further details on PROJECTS. Please click on ‘Join Daluhay‘ to learn more about participating.


  1. Development of the communication and coordination framework for PAMANA, the fisherfolk alliance of Marine Protected Area Managers in the Philippines.
  2. Development of marine programs for the North Philippine Sea, one of six marine biodiversity regions in the Philippines.
  3. Development of a First Nations led approach to food and water security in the Lake Winnipeg Basin of Canada (currently not  actively supported through funded projects).
  4. Development of  traveler engagement strategies for mitigation of climate change and the possible loss of the polar bear species as well as the degradation of indigenous livelihoods along the Canadian Arctic coast.
  5. Documentation and publication of strategic projects on public participation, action research, ecological energetics, marine ecosystem management and the facilitation of indigenous peoples’ involvement in sustainability activities.


To be based in part on the development of memberships, contracts and other activities Information on projects will be updated in December 2010.


At this time, the only tours that we have organized are being coordinated by Northstar Tours in Churchill, Manitoba. Please see contact page for information on contacting them.