DALUHAY‘s projects are not about research, but rather about Action Research – trying to contribute towards positive change in the human approach to managing a planet that is in itself undergoing huge changes. We want to contribute to sustainability of communities, ecosystems and planet earth.

Below are links that you click on to read some of our recent papers. In summary, DALUHAY is focused on building priority programs for sustainability, for the Philippines, the Canadian Arctic and in other settings where people are directly dependent upon resources1. We support the concept of sustainable development that includes people and the environment. We sometimes get involved on specific topics such as water security2, however our primary thrust in the Tropics is in the areas of cultural and biodiversity conservation improvement3 as well as building an understanding of programs gaps requiring specific focus within education systems4. DALUHAY identifies with the inherent ecocentric values of Indigenous Peoples and advocates for their legal and international rights regarding the development of programs to protect those values and their cultures5. Considering culture, DALUHAY believes there is a need to break down the traditional disciplines and program so as to facilitate problem-based learning that encompasses the Arts and Science6 through Ecohealth and other transdisciplinary approaches.

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